Meter: Hyunseung Plastic Surgery – BEAST

Today we’ll be looking at the subject of yet another request : Hyunseung plastic surgery

Hyunseung plastic surgeryJang Hyun-seung commonly known as Hyunseung has come a long way since the days when he first trained with Big Bang when he was just a young teenager. He’s incredibly talented and quite good-looking, too!

Details – Hyunseung plastic surgery

If we look at older pictures of Hyunseung, he looks very different than he does now. Many people tend to attribute this to the fact that he lost a lot of weight due to overwhelming grief after his father died of a sudden heart attack in 2012. Depression can definitely be a contributing factor to how a person looks at times. The changes in his face could also be a factor of getting older.However, consider old pictures of him alongside new ones. His bone structure looks considerably different. It is probable that he has had quite a bit of plastic surgery done, but as is the case with many idols, we’ll never know for sure unless he comes out and tells us himself.

With older pictures of Hyunseung, his jaw is quite a bit more rounded and defined. Now, while his jawline is still smooth, his cheekbones are heavily emphasized and defined on his face. It is possible that he received plastic surgery in this area. Yet another noticeable feature is Hyunseung’s nose. In the past, his nose has been wider, yet perfectly fit with the rest of his face. Now his nose definitely looks smaller and more pointedly narrow, although it doesn’t look like the bridge of his nose has been changed much – or perhaps at all. As I said before, we’ll never know for sure.


 Hyunseung Plastic SurgeryMeter: Hyunseung Plastic Surgery - BEAST | KPOP Surgery 2Meter: Hyunseung Plastic Surgery - BEAST | KPOP Surgery 3

What do you guys think about hyunseung plastic surgery ?


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you are great at finding out surgical details. could you go BAP memebers?


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I dont think he did plastic surgery except a small nose job.. he looks exactly like his mother..with v line jaw & pointed nose..his sister… Read more »

Sarah Grace Nacua Caliza

I don’t think he had done any work at all. I’ve been following them since debut and he has always had that nose. Triangular, in… Read more »

Kim Ji Yoon

Although I love JS, he definitely did have a nosejob on his bridge (I think you guys aren’t very good at analyzing). He had high… Read more »

Sunai Vaiee

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Dane Zelle Digal

can you do anyone in seventeen? just so i can say “pledis only have 1 dollar bro” XD

Boots Wuv

IMO doesn’t look different except he lost his pinchable cheeks.

Edwrd Ynms

his cheekbones! just like they did to hyuna, i think. he’s actually my fave in b2st 🙂

Melina Xia

hi, i just wanted to tell you that you put him in BTS for his group… haha

KPOP Surgery


Momoko Kiritani

At least a nose job! Buy I love him for his talent. He has one of the most beautiful voices in kpop imo.

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