TOP 5: Obvious plastic surgery

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We’ve taken a little break from the Plastic Surgery Meters to do a little top 5 list featuring only the most obvious plastic surgery that we could find in KPOP. The requirement for this is no before photos. That’s right. We want to be able to tell that someone has had plastic surgery without needing to see what they looked like previously. Our top 5:

5. Solbi

Solbi is a singer and actress well-known for her ever-changing appearance.  She has previously admitted her plastic surgery in television appearances, confirming the obvious. Her nose is probably her most unnatural new feature, but her face in general looks pretty uncanny.

4. Kyuhyun, Super Junior

We’ve covered Kyuhyun in the past, and he deserves a place on this list for his numerous cosmetic procedures. Although he’s one of our favorite KPOP idols here at KPOP Surgery (that voice!), there’s no denying he looks very doll-like. He insists that he’s only changed his eyes, but this is clearly not the case.

3. Hon, Mr.Mr

Although Hon was only in Mr.Mr for a quick minute, he left a lasting impression with his other-worldly looks. His nose and eyes appear to have been created by an over-zealous surgeon. Hon used to be an ulzzang, which we’ve noticed often ends (or begins??) with plastic surgery.

2. Haro, BLAST

This majestic creature appeared in our Tumblr feed and we knew he deserved a place on this list. He wears a lot of make-up, but underneath all that you can see that he’s also become acquainted with a surgeon opposed to the concept of subtlety. He went too far on the nose and way too far on the eyes, resulting in a face that would be more at home in Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal than here on earth.

1. Park Bom, 2NE1

Those of you who follow us on Facebook won’t be surprised by our number 1 choice. Bom (who we covered a long time ago) has long been the mascot of this website, and for good reason. She’s had so many procedures that she looks like a wax doll or some kind of Japanese android. Dear Bom-stans, please don’t take this as a criticism of her personality or talent, we are merely pointing out her obvious plastic surgery, which you would have to be blind to refute.


… and that brings us to the end of our list! What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Who else do you think should be on this list? Comment here or head on over to Facebook and let us know! If we get more suggestions we’ll do another installment.

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Does anyone incorporate in direction of be higher than a absolutely sure age in the direction of shift in direction of… Read more »

Emilie Plasman

I would have included Hyoyeon cause her whole face looks different, from her eyebrows to her jawline, she’s probably the SNSD… Read more »

Kaylene Wong

solbi is no longer pretty. she was sooooo cute on wgm with andy but now she looks just like any other… Read more »

Kaylene Wong

i wish you could do k celebs in general and not just kpop stars. would love to see choi jin hyuk… Read more »

Nurul Cikin Mohd Kasnawi

Saranghae, Park Bom n Kyuhyun oppa

Jessica Ding

At least Bom is pretty tbh the other idols look ugh.

Lucy Lu

Um you forgot to include Jessica? And Sunny? And all of snsd past and present members?

Angela Wijaya

I think every surgery is obvious once it gets too much or looks unnatural. Like i can tell that tons of… Read more »

Allison Dianne Labitan

Jessica and Sunny.

Emily Rogers

EXO CHEN HASNT BEEN COVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Alycia Sone

But i thought that Sunny or Sooyoung or even Jessuca would be included in the list . Their nosejobs are really… Read more »

Alycia Sone

Bom is just so obvious … now but i’m in love with her doll like face . She is so cute

Amy Leigh

come on… kyuhyun might have had his eyes and nose done but he still looks like himself. to include him on… Read more »

Amanda Huang

personally, I don’t think kyuhyun should be on the list- yes, he has undergone surgery to make him look cuter, but… Read more »

Sukia Mono

LOL. I knew that Bom had to be #1. Lort Jesus, did she really have to get all that done.

Custer Kulki

You should have included Jessica

Hanaz Levia Devega

wait… kyuhyun???
i think i disagree..

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