Plastic Surgery Meter: Victoria, f(x)


Victoria of f(x) is a beautiful girl, and she has only had the tiniest bit of help. She definitely had a nose job, but It looks like the only plastic surgery procedure she underwent (so far!). If you ask me, it was quite unnecessary. Check out her before pictures, you’ll see she already had a nice nose!

Before and after pics

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Michal Jackson Azevedo

looks the fucking same

Nicole Huang

You need to really make sure how to compare photos. Victoria had no plastic surgery and it’s called contouring. Every damn celebrity wears makeup before… Read more »

Yilin Xia

The second before and second after pics. admin pls -_-. ones smiling and ones not. Admin if youre gonna just half ass this then dont… Read more »

Lulu Bear

okay first of she did not have plastic surgery. her doctor said she was completely natural and she even said so herself. second of all… Read more »

Altair Crimson

Her doctors confirmed she had no plastic surgery nor any of the other girls


Lol people trying to say she got no plastic surgery are completey ignorant. She probably has the most obvious nose job in all Korean entertainment.… Read more »

Goldie Bayarsaikhan

The selca with Cha Tae Hyun from December 4.
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Anis Zuhaini

i’ve seen a recent pic of her makeupless face and it looks totally the same with her pre debut face.

Oh Hye Mi

I think victoria is naturally pretty

Goldie Bayarsaikhan

lol wtf is this shit? OP couldn’t even point out exactly what kind of PS she got. Some generic nonsense about nose job. The pics… Read more »

Nurul Asyiqin Abu Bakar

First,of course f(x) will look different if you took the pic with makeup and without should/need to find their pic with the bare face… Read more »


also the shadow on her nose in the last pictures were from contouring. in some of her other post debut pictures the shadow isn’t there.


Lol she did not get plastic surgery. In Replay and the video with Rain she looks exactly the same as now. If you want to… Read more »

Annalie Sunico Nacilla



Stop pretending to be a pro and judge about them! What is the point of it?

Karina Darminto

It’s confirmed she didn’t do PS. She said it herself, she’s terrified of knifes.

Kathia Cabra

She’s so pretty ❤️ and I do think the nose job was unnecessary, not because she had a nice nose even before, but because she… Read more »

Maria Kim

so beautiful

Aylinh Oeng

Yeah it is obvious she had her nose done.

Alison McCormack

She looks a little like Gyuri from KARA 0_0

Kyto Valiana Vlaze

It is only makeup techniques..not plastic sugery..

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