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Plastic Surgery Meter: Himchan, B.A.P

Himchan of B.A.P looks a little bit like TOP, don't you think? The major difference being that Himchan has the full KPOP Combo while...

Plastic Surgery Meter: TOP, BIGBANG

Since my last post declaring TOP a natural beauty, people have been quick to comment and message me about his "obvious" nose job....

Plastic Surgery Meter: Minzy, 2NE1

Ok, this one is pretty obvious, and Minzy has admitted it herself, but Minzy of 2NE1 has had a nose job. I actually think...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Taemin, SHINee

About Taemin Taemin is a member South Korean singer, dancer, and actor. He is known for being a member of the K-pop group SHINee under...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Eunhyuk, Super Junior

I'm really not sure what kind of drugs people are smoking when they call Eunhyuk of Super Junior "ugly". I rate him number one...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Cho-A & Way, Crayon Pop

Cho-A and Way of Crayon Pop look even more alike than most Korean girls with plastic surgery, and that is because they are twins....
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