SHINee Giveaway: Dazzling Girl

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– The giveaway is now closed and a winner was randomly selected –

We’ve been hinting about it on our Facebook page, so some of you already know about this giveaway and perhaps even the prize. Yes, we’re giving away a copy of SHINee‘s Japanese single, Dazzling Girl!

The prize includes the Dazzling Girl CD with 2 tracks (Dazzling Girl and Run With Me), a DVD with the Dazzling Girl music video and the Dazzling Girl jacket and music video shooting sketch, plus 10 double-sided member photo cards and a lyric card with a group photo on the other side. It’s not brand-spanking new, but everything is in excellent condition with no marks!

The giveaway is open worldwide, and all you have to do is… name your favorite member of SHINee in the below comments, and tell us what you think his best hairstyle has been. Really. That’s what you have to do. We love to talk about hair.

The giveaway ends on the 25th of June, 2014, and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments submitted before this date.

Have fun and good luck!


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Nanna Stub Poulsen

My favorite member is Jonghyun. 🙂 and Best hairstyle was during Dream girl.

Min Ziera

My favorite member of SHINee is Onew… it is always Onew!! Forever Onew..! For me, the best hairstyle that he had… Read more »

Van Nguyen

My favourite member of Shinee is Taemin <3 His dancing skills are so crisp and one of the top of SM… Read more »

Jenny Nguyen-Cao

My favorite member in SHINee is honestly Onew because hes like one of the BEST leaders and stuff…. anywayzzz, I like… Read more »

Rozna Zamani

I love key and as for hairstyle I love his hairstyle in lucifer .

Nadini Aulia Ramadhanty

I love minho so much♥eum, minho hair style at drama ‘to the beautiful you’ is the best hair style for me… Read more »

Devina Rosy

my favorite member is jonghyun and my favorite hairstyle of him was during the ring ding dong era

Wi Ded

my bias is ONEW and i like his hairstyles in everybody and sherlock .

Xachelle Fate Composibo

Taemin is my favorite member ever since. Ughhh, his hairstye i love the most?His hair in Everybody era! Black hair is… Read more »

Ana Piña

Taemin is da best, hands down. I enjoyed his long hair in the Lucifer era. It was fascinating.

Chai Moreo

I like every member but my favorite member is..Taemin I guess. I liked his ‘Sherlock’ hair the most, the short hair… Read more »

Novalia Lorenta Napitupulu

my favorite member of SHINee is Key.Key is just so straightforward that it’s so funny and cute xD He has very… Read more »

Angela Wang

My favorite member of Shinee is Choi Minho because he’s a good actor and a good rapper(OMG, his voice when he… Read more »

Sam Solomon

SHINee … Nothing to say.. Key is my favorite 😉 From Lucifer…. One Side Bleached… Rest is heated straight and combed… Read more »

Macey Reenes

KEY!! He is got to be my fave SHINee member….My favorite hairstyle of his was during the Ring Ding Dong era… Read more »

Eve Hounhanou

My oppa in SHINee is Jonghyun, I can resist, he is perfect. <3 His best hairstyle for me is in Sherlock,… Read more »

Ji Hyung Kim

Favorite member: Onew. And I think short, gelled up hair suits him the best, cause it reveals his face nicely and… Read more »

Justine Bongcaras

My favorite one in Shinee is Taemin 🙂 I like his shaggy hairstyle back in 2010 in the ‘Hello’ MV.

Nika Fazlić

My bias in SHINee is Kim Jonghyun :3 I’ve been loving him since the first moment I saw him in “Ring… Read more »

Nicola Depangher

My favourite member is Minho. Like he’s so athletic and his voice! Anyways my favourite hairstyle of his is definitely his… Read more »

Molly Savill

Jinki is the ultimate bae. My favourite has either been his hair in this Lucky Star era because I think it… Read more »

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