SHINee Giveaway: Dazzling Girl

SHINee Giveaway: Dazzling Girl | KPOP Surgery 8

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– The giveaway is now closed and a winner was randomly selected –

We’ve been hinting about it on our Facebook page, so some of you already know about this giveaway and perhaps even the prize. Yes, we’re giving away a copy of SHINee‘s Japanese single, Dazzling Girl!

The prize includes the Dazzling Girl CD with 2 tracks (Dazzling Girl and Run With Me), a DVD with the Dazzling Girl music video and the Dazzling Girl jacket and music video shooting sketch, plus 10 double-sided member photo cards and a lyric card with a group photo on the other side. It’s not brand-spanking new, but everything is in excellent condition with no marks!

The giveaway is open worldwide, and all you have to do is… name your favorite member of SHINee in the below comments, and tell us what you think his best hairstyle has been. Really. That’s what you have to do. We love to talk about hair.

The giveaway ends on the 25th of June, 2014, and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments submitted before this date.

Have fun and good luck!

SHINee Giveaway: Dazzling Girl | KPOP Surgery 8
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Stefani Laurencia

My favorite member of shinee is Jonghyun. I like his hairstyle on Everybody the best. That white shining hair make him… Read more »

Andrea Christianne Uy

Taemin <3 and my favorite hairdo was… In Dazzling Girl haha he looked so good there!

Kpop Fenche

My favorite member is Onew i like all of his hairstyles but if i have to choose it would be Hello… Read more »

Stefy Stefana

My favorite member is Taemin. I like all his hairstyles so far but I think the best hairstyle is the one… Read more »


My favorite member is Jonghyun! He’s just so– luscious (omg what a term) looks, body, voice, traits, heol ive got nothing… Read more »

Kang Oeun

My favorit is Jonghyun *w* I think his best haistyle was in the MV of everybody *w*

Sophy Safae

Minho ♥♥♥ and i loooved his haircut on to the beautifull u he became my bias while i was watchibg that… Read more »

Jaelyn Hinman

My shinee bias is jonghyun and key. Personally I love it when they have blonde hair!!! I think jonghyuns lucifer hairstyle… Read more »

Shawol Stephanie

My favorite member of SHINee is Jonghyun. He is so

Ferber Zsófia

My bias is Key!♥ His best hairstyle was in RDD… I think so!!~~ *w*

Shin Ah

Key, I really loved his hairstyle in “Ring Ding Dong” which was just perfect *-* And he really surprised me with… Read more »

Esha ELfishy BooLggot Khariseuma

My favorite member is Minho (you can clearly see his nickname in my facebook, Boolggot Khariseuma!). And his best hairstyle I… Read more »

Jake Zhang

My favourite is Onew cos he’s so funny and down to earth 😛 and I liked his hair when he spiked… Read more »

Teddy Lily

My favorite member is Key. His best hairstyle is in the Ring Ding Dong era where he had jet black, helmet… Read more »

Irene Zanutto

Well, my favorite member is Jonghyun!♥ And the best hairstyle than ever is that in Lucifer♥♥ he was so damn cool… Read more »

Diana Carolina Barrera

My favorite member is Jonghyun and I think that all of his hairstyles have made him look good. My personal favorite… Read more »

Emma de Jongh

Onew is my favourite member and I loved his hair during Dream girl era♡

Cristina Gallardo Fernández

My favourite member of SHINee is Taemin!!!!! I like he’s hairs in various MVs: I like he’s hair in Sherlock, in… Read more »

Starry Bella

My favorite member would be Jonghyun and his best hairstyle I from the Sherlock era. I prefer guys with a simple… Read more »

Héla Ben Youssef

Taemin of course~~ I love all of his hair syles but if i have to chose….I Prefer the one he had… Read more »

Leslie Kath

Jonghyun, Ring Ding Dong Era

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