Plastic Surgery Meter: Zelo, B.A.P


Zelo. Well, what can I say. Zelo of B.A.P has had loads of plastic surgery done, starting with the obvious eye work. It’s hard to say if he’s had double eyelid surgery or not, but he has definitely had his eyes widened. Aside from that, he’s had a nose job and possibly his jaw shaved too. There’s really no denying that he looks completely different from his younger years!

Before and after pics

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Junghong DIDN’T do any PS, so please stop writing some random sh*t and do research

Maria Dr

My brother changed very much like Zelo when he hit puberty, its not plastic surgery for the boys it is called growing up, everything changes… Read more »

Tianna Williams

I honestly know that Himchan and Daehyun havent gotten plastic surgery because they look exactly the same but older, and Zelo was only a young… Read more »

Tianna Williams

Zelo was very young when he debuted so how can he get plastic surgery? , and also, people DO CHANGE as they get older, next,… Read more »


Lol ???????

Breanna Hawthorne

The only thing a agree about is the jaw part, i dont see anything else

Jannat Khan

I would like to address some fatal flaws with this article. The fact that the author’s selection of before and after pictures greatly influences readers… Read more »

Jennifer Truong

He did not get a surgery he went through puberty everyone changes more or less when they hit puberty! i looked like a fluffly curry… Read more »

Athena Ioakeimidi

Oh!! come on!! it’s OBVIOUS he hasn’t had his jaw saved!! His jaw is asymmetrical, that’s why he is constanlty hiding it (with his hand,… Read more »

Crystal Pool

In this picture his jaw still looks the same to me, it strikes me as weird when someone expects us to look at a picture… Read more »

Edward Potter

and here i thought Koreans have to at least reach certain age before allowed to get plastic surgery… am i wrong..?

Erika Seitz

It makes me kind of sad to hear that our little baby Zelo had plastic surgery.. I guess he’s not that little anymore (I mean,… Read more »

Arianna Lou Digamon Perocho

Plastic surgery or not,as their fans we should still support them.If your angry because zelo had plastic surgery then you should also be mad at… Read more »

Noémie Neumann


Nikki Washimoto
HE IS THE SAME due to barces just changed the face so what?his nos eis the same he is natural as other bap members

Nadia Natasha

Zelo was underage to use plastic surgery before.

Alice Oakley-Jones

The people in the comments are so delusional. Puberty doesn’t completely change the structure of your nose, just look at the first picture and all… Read more »

Kimberlee Fraser

Zelo has NOT had surgery one at all, its the lighting in the room an also, in his idol pictures, he is wearing makeup, in… Read more »


are you crazy.?!?!? what your fact..?!?!? he look handsome for child.!! come check your eye, and change with the dog eyes!! your before is kids… Read more »

Yosmarlin Infante

his jaw?? he did his jaw? ARE YOU BLIND ? OR MAKING STUFF UP?!! he has AN AMAZING jawline, he did NOT shave his jaw

Jadna Prado

Looks the same to me

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