Plastic Surgery Meter: V, Bangtan Boys

Bangtan Boys
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It took me forever to write this post because, honestly, I see so many nose jobs now that they start to look normal to me. When I first looked at V, I thought he’d had a nose job, but then I saw more pictures and it became really hard to tell. Sometimes his nose looks bigger than other times, but I guess this could be to do with lighting and make-up. The rest of his face seems to be untouched, so I think we should just give him the benefit of the doubt and call him a natural beauty. He’s still young so there’s more than enough time for him to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Feeling a bit cynical today… [before-after]
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[/before-after]  …..


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He did plastic surgery absolutely. Go watch no more dream, or look photos on Google. His nose was nature and he… Read more »

Ventura IT

I can already tell that s gonna be super helpful.

stop the rumorsss

V does plastic surgery??? he was born with handsome face duhhh

Ennie Meanie

lol. V’s natural beauty. He looks like his father. the smile besh! And his mother is beautiful. Promise. You can search… Read more »


It looks like the uploader is pissed with V’s natural face, the boy is as natural as they come.

Nana (@nak_1222)

v is just somehow naturally flawless


i think its not but if ever its true hes still my idol,nothing will ever change.

Crystal Pool

I think you’re always cynical XD


i think it was just the matter of angles, becos honestly from the 8 months ive been in this fandom, ive… Read more »

jonieza cedilo

theirs nothing change.. and if ever had i still loving him .. 😀

Antonella Park Monopoli

He did not make plastic surgery…he look natural

Jae Hye Choi

yeah.. He is natural


I really hope he didn’t do plastic surgery and I really believe that he doesn’t even need to. He’s cute and… Read more »


Well people change faces while growin up

Jenny Sky

I think that he doesn’t have nose job ??because like he was even cute when he was young ? He have… Read more »

Reply to  Jenny Sky

He did plastic surgery absolutely. Go watch no more dream, or look photos on Google. His nose was nature and he… Read more »


I think he only got double eyelids

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