Plastic Surgery Meter: V, Bangtan Boys

Bangtan Boys It took me forever to write this post because, honestly, I see so many nose jobs now that they start to look normal to me. When I first looked at V, I thought he’d had a nose job, but then I saw more pictures and it became really hard to tell. Sometimes his nose looks bigger than other times, but I guess this could be to do with lighting and make-up. The rest of his face seems to be untouched, so I think we should just give him the benefit of the doubt and call him a natural beauty. He’s still young so there’s more than enough time for him to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Feeling a bit cynical today… [before-after] a c [/before-after]  …..
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Jeon Jungkook Taehyung

LIAR!! Can you please look at their prevoius or childhood pic there were no difference

Rosemarie Manalo Flores Garcia

mahal ko si V

Forthneiy Marasigan

i really love you v

Aurore Schreder

He totally lokk the same, without being biased :p

Angela Maquilan Minseok Jeung

i see No Diffirent

Puteri Nabiha

what???? V make a plastic sugeryy
you so handsome

Monica Servandil

It’s really hard to tell if V got plastic surgery

Min Marie Liza

it just a lie, right???

Lee Sung Hyun

That’s not true . V doesn’t have any surgery!!! -_-

Lee Sung Hyun

BTS members doesn’t have any surgery before !!! -_-

Medhavini Tan

V didn’t go through PLASTIC SURGERY … His face is NATUAL… Look at his Picture here on his BEFORE pictures.. His… Read more »

Medhavini Tan

and I don’t see any DIFFERENCE!

May Grace Mana-ay

He has a natural face. His face changed just because of makeup. DB!

Leena Adams

they wrote a article on how v is free of plastic surgery

Ruby-Rose Watts

He looked the same just before puberty and after.

Ke Xin Here

I see no different. Kim Taehyung is natural

Reena Fernandez

He better not get any surgery. He looks perfectly fine the way he is, as well as the rest of BTS.… Read more »

Jlubb Lim

It just abut the makeup tho

Oliver Laste

I’ve seen his other pictures, he’s a natural beauty c’:

Jongkook Lea Basabe

i dont seE diffent of the face of V

Tennille Renfroe

i dont see a difference

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