Plastic Surgery Meter: Tiffany, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


We keep getting requests for more SNSD members, so today we look at Tiffany. What’s immediately clear from comparing recent photos to her pre-debut pics is the change in her skin tone. Clearly she uses some type of skin-whitening cream, but as this is a blog about plastic surgery and not cosmetics, we’ll continue…

Tiffany has definitely had the KPOP Combo – a nose job and double eyelid surgery. I think this is so standard in the industry (especially in SME) that it’ll be hard to find a member of Girls’ Generation without it. I guess we’ll eventually find out once we get through them all!

Before and after pics


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lenny face

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Way uso papadaot sa inyo mga bes


Her face is much thinner, and smaller now

google mail

Tiffany so beautiful <3


I’m not sure if I believe that she uses skin whitening cream. When I was a kid, my skin was really really dark and now… Read more »

dayu lynn

I don’t see why some people are getting so annoyed when you are pointing out any plastic surgery some idol has undergone. Its not a… Read more »

Alexis Cinco


Jeanie Yoo

Definitely the typical Kpop plastic surgery deal – eyelids and nose.

Karen T Licmo-an

yack dli diay to sla gwapa nag plastic surgery lng diay to yack………..

Patricia Rivera

I think she did eye and nose surgery.



Jacob C Lacsamana

for me tiffany no surgery but jessica surgery

Marian Musngi

for me the ‘after’ parts were just them wearing makeup or maturing and growing up. And that’s for every one of them. The before pictures… Read more »

Kaeth Tan

Ang lki ng pinagbago parang si bom

Halimat Olunlade

I think Tiffany didn’t get nose surgery but the eye surgery I believe, they’re significantly wider.

Ayen Bustamante

and lalong gumanda c yuri qoh eh WE LOVE YOU YURI

Shin Ah

nagpapayat lang si tippani ko :3

Jennelyn B. Cainday

omg plastic surgery paano po ba mag palstic surgery

Ajeng Sekar Kirana

Yeah she did a plastic surgery, but her before after face is still alike. I think sunny’s plastic surgery is the most extreme one. Her… Read more »

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