Plastic Surgery Meter: Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


Taeyeon of SNSD denies any plastic surgery, but you only have to look at her nose to spot a liar. Her little ski jump is the kind of perfect nose you can only acquire through surgery. I suspect the full KPOP Combo, meaning she’s also had double eyelid surgery along with the obvious rhinoplasty. It’s possible her jaw has been shaved to make it a bit narrower, her chin looks a bit smaller. Check out the before pics and see how she used to have a somewhat wider face.

It’s upsetting to know that all these girls (and guys!) are messing with their faces to look like clones of each other, especially when most of the people we cover on this website were good-looking to begin with.


Before and after pics

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Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thanks .

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Puberty doesn’t give you bigger eyes and double eyelids. Young girls look up to them as their idols. These idols should have shown self confidence… Read more »


I kinda wonder whether she actually had anything done. That comment in the article about how “noone has this perfect ski jump nose without surgery”… Read more »

Cho Si Yoon

Actually you’re wrong. Tae Yeon didn’t undergo double eyelid surgery her eyelids are natural despite that she’s korean, and she didn’t scalped her jaws its… Read more »


Anyone who do plastic surgery obviously does not realise they look that way because of the people they love – their family.


oh please just because they do surgery why you must so bothered about it..take care your own life and no need to give a fuck… Read more »


I don’t care wether idols have had plastic surgery done or not I just hate it when they have had plastic surgery done and act… Read more »

kim taeri

i do agree about all of this but in the same time i also wondering that their face maybe become more slim because of diet… Read more »


Her eyes look so big now, and her face is so much thinner now. :O


Pretty sure she had another surgery done before their 2015 comeback


She was very pretty in the Pre-debut era. So was Tiffany. Even though they all look very different nowadays , I am still a big… Read more »


Why is it such an important issue if anyone has had plastic surgery , ae all have worn clothes too look slimmer or bigger, we… Read more »

Thanasis Xrisantzas

Why the before pics are so damn small that you cannot make out any details at all and the after are huge? Anyone with half… Read more »


WOAH REALLY! It’s already impossible to find a Kpop that hadn’t undergone the plastic surgery! Even with all these procedure done on her, Taeyeon doesn’t… Read more »

Fei H

I wish more people would understand that in a lot of idols contracts (especially newer ones) it literally states that “you need to get plastic… Read more »

Secret Door

So pretty and so cute.

Stop butchering the personality out of ur faces?!!
Who you?

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