Plastic Surgery Meter: Suzy, miss A


Continuing with reader requests, today we have Suzy of miss A. Suzy is a naturally beautiful girl who has helped herself a little bit along the way with plastic surgery. Although she always had a pretty nose, she looks to have had rhinoplasty sometime between 2012 and now as her nose is now a bit smaller and more refined. I think she may also have had double eyelid surgery or something done to widen her eyes.

There are rumors flying around that she has a forehead implant, but I can’t find any concrete evidence for this. It’s a very invasive procedure and I would only feel comfortable confirming it if we had clear proof, like with SNSD’s Sunny. It’s true that Suzy used to have lots of baby hairs around her hairline and now no longer does, so the appearance of a slightly bigger forehead could just be to do with her removing those hairs, a la Kim Kardashian.

Before and after pics

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love spell

Hi,I check your blog named “Plastic Surgery Meter: Suzy, miss A – KPOP Surgery” daily.Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And… Read more »


Your middle is within the specifically destination, Ryan!

Trixie Faith ???? (@trixieetom)

push up bra haller


Funny that people only come here to flame. KPOP IS BUILD ON PLASTIC SURGERY, YOU FOOLS! just look dream high, she had a way wider… Read more »


Do you know the word PUBERTY? Let me see a picture of you during your childhood days and you’re pictures today. And let me judge… Read more »


I think Suzy had her eyes widened somehow… her eyes were a lot smaller when she first debuted and now her eyes are ginormous


Suzy is 100% natural beauty…thats true


On peut pas dire que c’est une beauté naturelle. Elle fait de la chirurgie donc c’est une refaite parmi tant d’autres de l’industrie musicale de… Read more »

Amber Sim

She had a nose job.

Azzirahc Chaiey Perez

i believe suzy is a natural beauty but yes the teeth lamination is true suzy said it herself in a variety show which is invisible… Read more »

Nab TP

you can tell she had plastic surgery doesn’t take a genius to figure that shit out..

Sanghlei Cung

People can grew up and change,Suzy had plastic sugary This is so funny

Myungsoo'nun Gülüşü

Hahaha this is funny Suzy hasn’t got she is natural

Vito Montani

She’s totally natural!!!!

Tabi Cooper

People need to remember Suzy was what, 15 when she started performing?? She has most likely had work on her nose done, but her jawline… Read more »

Zeeya Makenzie Estino

hey. theres nothing different there. its just they used light make up before and more now.

Ludwica Spanic

I think that she has had plastic surgery …perhaps her jaw or her cheeks. Her face went from large -fat to small- thin. However she… Read more »

Maria Chu

She had a boob job- can’t be a sex symbol if you can’t exposed cleavage – lol Some picz she is flat and some she… Read more »

Audrey Brigita

Okay, this site literally has the name Kpop Surgery on it, but why do people come here, search for their favorite idols and rage that… Read more »

As'ad Nazif Mustapah

Idk whether she really did smth under the knife. But to me she didn’t from my own judgement. But that’s besides the point. What’s funny… Read more »

Cindy Yu

i cant see anything done to her eyes…..her nose looks a bit different tho

Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

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