Plastic Surgery Meter: Sehun, EXO

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Sehun, EXO’s intense maknae, has had a little bit of plastic surgery. There are so many obvious nose jobs in KPOP, and his is another one. I don’t really think there can be any debate about it. I’m pretty sure he’s also done something to his eyes because they seem wider compared to his old photos. He definitely has double eyelids as Xiumin said himself that he was the only member in EXO without.

Before and after pics


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Not possible everyone does have some changes when they grow ,accusing someone is a sad thing. He is natural.


Ever heard of puberty??

He doesn't "definitely have double eyelids"

If you go by his video from the sm documentary when he just joined the company (before he got anything done),… Read more »


well i mean….if sehun was smiling in the after photos i think the comparison would be more valid….also contouring ://

Olivia kiss

People face changes when they grew older.

Aica Oh

Not all change is caused by plastic surgery


I dont think sehun did anything to his eyes, honestly his eyes are gorgeous and i could just drown in them


세훈이는 코하고 눈이나 턱은 진짜로 안했거든요?


I know NOTHING about plastic surgery but sure I can see his pre-debut picture properly. He might went for a procedure… Read more »

Asep Dian Mardiansyah

When did he does?? and what the effects for him in style side??

Natasya Wulandari

I’m Indonesian. and ofc i never had plastic surgery, when i was kid i had a pug nose just like my… Read more »

Maya Wood

I’m not sure weather Sehun really did have plastic surgery or not but I noticed alot of people are in denial… Read more »

Judy Zhang

It’s common knowledge his nose widens when he smiles but when he smiled In like Exo showtime, his nose was different… Read more »

Nelly Nope

What a fail when his nose is literally the same and Sehun looks just like his father. Nothing on his face… Read more »

Hannah Yoon

Sehun’s childhood pictures look like my cousin who is like in 4th grade… Omg thats so weird… I don’t like my… Read more »

Rosemarie Manalo Flores Garcia

mahal ako ni luhan

Emily Wang

How is debating if they had plastic surgery “bashing”? Plastic surgery is so common in South Korea and especially SM. I… Read more »

Alaska Young

Can you stop bashing Exo members like what are you trying to achieve by doing this, like not everyone of them… Read more »

Merly Oñez Artiaga

chong chang cheng…for short gwapo uie…

Spazzer Eun Hae

why are you keep on poopin’ at kpop’s images?!

Regine Pabua

for me if they have a plastic surgery, it can’t change the truth that i’m stell the #1 fan of exo… Read more »

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