Plastic Surgery Meter: Sehun, EXO


Sehun, EXO’s intense maknae, has had a little bit of plastic surgery. There are so many obvious nose jobs in KPOP, and his is another one. I don’t really think there can be any debate about it. I’m pretty sure he’s also done something to his eyes because they seem wider compared to his old photos. He definitely has double eyelids as Xiumin said himself that he was the only member in EXO without.

Before and after pics


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Cindy Maharani

Sehun still handsome !

Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

Paul Villaro

I don’t think he has done double-eyelid surgery. Just look at the last picture, his eye creases disappeared after almost-closing his eyes.

Rhinalyn Kim Jong In

I didn’t see any differences of sehun’s photo in before and after…..meron nga ba? Wla nman DBA?

Magdalena Nicholin Dwi Pratiwi

sorry but this is too much. sehun never did those shity surgeries or whatever

LuLu Chen

wow… those before pic are to me no evidence of Sehunnie had PS. First, the nose job, ok its OBVIOUS that when ppl smile their… Read more »

Savka Starocelsky

comment image?w=344 it s te same nose

Melissa Bui

I get that plastic surgery’s common in Korea and by all means, you’re allowed to speculate about idols having plastic surgery. People say its stupid… Read more »

Angelie Oh XD

Lol Sehun haven’t done any surgery on his face. 🙂 It is just because of the make-up. He still have the same eyes when he… Read more »

Tan Wei Min

Maybe he really didnt get surgery, but fans stop being so defensive and butthurt about it. why get angry so easily.

R-joy Lu

personally I think exo members didn’t undergo plastic surgery and if they did..well?? its up to them .. love exo exo exo!!!!

Marimar L Tonog

He’s still cute <3

Carmz Clores

I’m sure he didn’t get his nose done. He even said in one of the Chinese interview that it’s his favorite part of his face.

Rio Marsden

Sehun has definitely had nose surgery.

Yehetexolover Exoticforever

Sehun? Plastic surgery? 0_o serious? @@ huh I thought he was natural @@ huh but I think sehun is bcuz he went thru puberty… cuz… Read more »

Kyu Yee

Nobody can’t look like the totally of their childface when they are adult .Sehun had enough cuttie face long ago. you can see the photo… Read more »

Emily Whitfield

You really can’t compare pictures of when people are younger to pictures of them when they are older. They will look different in the new… Read more »

CeCe Schickling

So many nose jobs, I feel bad for him. They keep making it smaller and it looks ridiculous.

Oh Hye Mi

Are you saying that most of kpop idol has done plastic surgery?

Lanz Talosig

Yung mga nagtatanggol sa “Plastic Surgery” Yan ang tunay na mga retokada’t retokado. Haha

Elysia Sudworth

You can’t compare pictures of when he is 10 years old to now when he is 20!!

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