Plastic Surgery Meter: Sehun, EXO


Sehun, EXO’s intense maknae, has had a little bit of plastic surgery. There are so many obvious nose jobs in KPOP, and his is another one. I don’t really think there can be any debate about it. I’m pretty sure he’s also done something to his eyes because they seem wider compared to his old photos. He definitely has double eyelids as Xiumin said himself that he was the only member in EXO without.

Before and after pics


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Elysia Sudworth

Even if he has had it done like most k-pop idols he is still really handsome ^^ <3

Lone Lone

whatever I love Sehun

Janel Sarmiento

These people. Look, if you really believe that your idol hasn’t gotten plastic surgery, then why are you even here? Don’t look at something willingly… Read more »

Katherina Hart

You wanna see my picture when I was 1 and then when I turned 5? You’ll think I had surgery you wanna compare my pic… Read more »

Joelex Lachica Cortes

I think sehun undergo some nosejob .as you can see in the photo

Mitzi Joy Udtuhan

Awww. stop being delulus. I’m an EXO-L and yet I believe most of them did some minor plastic surgery, if not major. They are idols!… Read more »

Oo May

it’s just his nose & eyes & facial structures become more defined with the help of the make up….if u say natural beauty, i can’t… Read more »

Wara 'Yui' Chumkham

yes he was an ulzzang, yes he has always been cute BUT YES he also got a nose (wing) job done for heaven’s sake! and… Read more »

Lenka Tikovska

Sehun has had absolutely no plastic surgery… None of EXO have.. The extent of it is skin whitening, which like half of them have had… Read more »

Korlan Korlan

he has done pig nose thing, other time Chanyeol had done it to him, the point is you can’t push your nose like that with… Read more »

Camila Jiménez

I think it’s natural? I mean, the before pictures are from his childhood, the after ones are from him almost fully grown?

Veronika Vika

Then you will think I might have done a plastic surgery because my past photos look so different with my own look right now

Veronika Vika

Then you will think I might have done a plastic surgery because my past photos look so different with my own look right now also… Read more »

Gwiyomi Misa AL

you know what your blog does not include…. PUBERTY MY ASS. i went through the same PUBERTY and changed alot from 9 to 15 from… Read more »

Selle Joyce

Wtf? SEHUN didn’t have any plastic surgery. ALL OF HIS FEATURES THAT HAVE CHANGED FROM HIS 13 AND 15 YR. OLD PIC TO HIS 19… Read more »

Kemberly Herbania

for me exo members didn’t undergo plastic surgery because when boys grow up boys nose chin and nose become more defined

Miyuki Lee

I also think his nose job is obvious. I mean, your nose doesn’t naturally become smaller. (If you don’t believe it, watch his individual teaser… Read more »


He also had a major growth spurt after the teaser, so he was still growing into his features. When your an adolescent your facial features… Read more »

Mecahana Cainglet

** iLove seHun :* <3

Kris Perry

stupid ppl hah xDD sehun looks so handsome how can ppl say his has plastic surgery

Londonne Funnybunny McFarland

Those pre-debut pictures were taken when he was like 13. And in the first one he’s what? 19-20? He hadn’t even gone through puberty yet…

Son Donwoon

no offense he is the ugliest smile amongst idols. it is embarrassing

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