Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO | KPOP Surgery 5

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO 1
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[Updated: February 10, 2015] Although Luhan isn’t part of EXO anymore, people still come to this post to tell us how wrong we are about his plastic surgery. We found a great recent pic of him that shows his profile and can be easily compared to a pre-debut pic.

Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)
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Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)

We flipped the pre-debut pic to make the comparison photo, which is why his ear looks a little different, but this picture clearly shows a change in the shape of his nose as well as his chin and jaw. We also have further comparison pics available on our Facebook page. So please just accept that Luhan, Prince of China (or whatever he’s called these days), has had plastic surgery. This does not make him a better or worse human being than if he were all natural, so let’s not throw any insults, please!

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[December 16, 2013] Luhan from EXO-M is known as the cutie of the bunch, but he’s far from a natural stunner. He has definitely had a nose job and some reshaping done on his jawline. He may have a chin implant, as his chin has become much pointier. All of the older photos of him show him with double eyelids, so it’s difficult to say whether or not any eye work was done.
Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO | KPOP Surgery 5
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Ivy Tam

Isn’t it also called losing weight

Ahsirt Bucane

Plastic surgery??I don’t care I love luhan I’m not affected about other comments….people change like you care..

Gen Anbar

Looks like he’s got cheek implants too.

Ddflj Fhbbn

why do you have to post an update? if you truly think that he did get it you could’ve just stayed… Read more »

Nadia Miller

Yeah, he’s had plastic surgery very slightly on his noise just to lift it up a bit, but nothing eles tho.

Kylie Kopp

I honestly couldn’t care less if he had surgery…doesn’t affect my life at all. However, I have pictures of me from… Read more »

Solène Blondel

He was cute, he became stunning. That’s all.

Kelly Huang

why dont someone in ask him in a show then and prove everything

Lucy Lu

And why do his lips look different as well?

Raina Syafika Rhino

He maybe got cheek implants..I saw a pic of him…during Growl era, he gott stich-like lines on his eyelids…well..I’m not saying… Read more »

Yeollie Vy

I see no different here

LuHan Biased

The plastic sure very on his nose is so obvious. Guys, even I can see it. If you can’t or you’re… Read more »

Rigel Flores

whether he got a plastic surgery or not, I really don’t care. He’s Luhan afterall. having plastic surgery doesn’t mean that… Read more »

Ailee Pandulo Alip

tbh. i REALLY look different 7 years ago my nose was a little flat also jawline it became sharper as i… Read more »

Jey-em Manalili

Its only a change not a Platic surgery, Lol 😛

Marc Hide Takizawa

but kris did more than just chin implant & nose job…luhan is more mild

Shaf Iqah

His nose got pointier…

Song Yunhyeong

Hey, I actually wanted to request this but it was closed, i hope you see it though! Luhan recently left EXO,… Read more »

Michelle Raymond

before and after, both are cute!! so this is why Tao thought that Luhan is a girl when they first meet.… Read more »

Katerine Gonzales

Exo luhan,didn’t use any plastic surgery..

Raquel Fuentes

I knew it! yehet ~ even so .. XD I love Luhan♥

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