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Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO | KPOP Surgery 5

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO 3
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[Updated: February 10, 2015] Although Luhan isn’t part of EXO anymore, people still come to this post to tell us how wrong we are about his plastic surgery. We found a great recent pic of him that shows his profile and can be easily compared to a pre-debut pic.

Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)
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Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)

We flipped the pre-debut pic to make the comparison photo, which is why his ear looks a little different, but this picture clearly shows a change in the shape of his nose as well as his chin and jaw. We also have further comparison pics available on our Facebook page. So please just accept that Luhan, Prince of China (or whatever he’s called these days), has had plastic surgery. This does not make him a better or worse human being than if he were all natural, so let’s not throw any insults, please!

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[December 16, 2013] Luhan from EXO-M is known as the cutie of the bunch, but he’s far from a natural stunner. He has definitely had a nose job and some reshaping done on his jawline. He may have a chin implant, as his chin has become much pointier. All of the older photos of him show him with double eyelids, so it’s difficult to say whether or not any eye work was done.
Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO | KPOP Surgery 5
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Naomiyumikyle BD

Its ok with me .luhanbabes is still my hubby

Molly Savill

He’s starting to look really plastic, lol.

Shi Yean Toh

mind doing beast??

Vane Periñan Ramirez

He has nose and chin but he was really cute in past! really really cute compare to the normal chinese boys

Syazwan Cool

dio uduh..baik aku semak

Faith Jhen

Also the f is wrong this site.Obviously when you lose a lot of weight your chin becomes pointier just like Dara… Read more »

Etsegenet Petros

i don’t give a dame thing about it cause I’m their biggest fan

Hamani Syafiqah

People change as they got older…Everyone grow up..And Im sick of it if someone say EXO HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!! I AM… Read more »

Faith Jhen

None of the EXO members had plastic surgery.GET YOuR

Hanaa Aït El Caid

he was pretty before, still is lol. what does it matter if he did or didn’t do plastic surgery? what do… Read more »


This ain’t unusual for someone who works for SM who’s really on looks. But hey, he still was as handsome as… Read more »

Kristine Lhalanne Mariano

Many people/humans change because of puberty. They change becaue they are growing.

Covi Lázaro

he looked amazing before and after. its one of the few idols that has a really cute predebut photos

Jordan Niccolo Raymundo

all of exo members gone under the knife so the people will love them…. sm is really daebak

Cynara Nuiz

Looks not important what matters most is they really good in what their doing and we idolizes EXO!!! hehe

Kỳ Kỳ

Dude! Really, I love EXO but I’m sure they’re all have plastic surgery even Luhan. He was already handsome and cute… Read more »

Accoh Xi Jeremie Bongcalon

hmmmm.. pag mga KPOP girls, jina-judge nyo, pero pag mga KPOP BOYS, pinagtatanggol nyo?? Ano beyen!!! PATAS NAMAN DYAN OH!! Lolx!!!… Read more »

Catherine Zhang

I’m a huge exo fan but (not to be mean… seriously) those who blindly believe that he never had plastic surgery… Read more »

Chloe Arjona

Lol, i really dont believe this. Natural beauty -_-

GIgi Basar

Exo member make Plastics surgery? lols I’m not excited why not the manager make decision and wants them look more handsome… Read more »

Xiiao Yinq

Seriously!? Are you blind or what? It’s so obvious his face is natural! Please open your eyes widely! And please stop… Read more »

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