Plastic Surgery Meter: Leo, VIXX

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VIXX’s devilishly handsome and quiet Leo has had a boat-load of plastic surgery. There’s no way to deny it. First, he’s had the KPOP Combo (nose job and double eyelid surgery), and I also believe he has had his jaw shaved. Just check out the before and after pics below, and if you need more convincing, take a look at this pre-debut YouTube video of Leo singing.

Before and after pics

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Guys it really does look like he got things done, and this is coming from someone who loves him so much.… Read more »

VIXXbaby (@vixxbaby1)

You got it all wrong .. his body just became more mature and the work of haircut, makeup & exercise

love vixx

we called it as puberty and makeup. lmao wtf with the plastic surgery


He did not change drastically….he only became a man!


whoever wrote this…needs a life. Leo admitted to getting his jaw shaved and it was so minor you dont even notice!!… Read more »


Leo didn’t have any plastic surgery. Seriously he’s naturally handsome and those pictures are just about his haircut changing especially his… Read more »

Khin ei ei thant

I think u didn’t learn abt leo U upload leo ugly pic in if before photos Did u ever see leo… Read more »


To be honest the only thing I think he got done was his eyes. His nose and jaw look exactly the… Read more »


Seems like Leo got surgery on his eyes and his nose.


Okay I can see the double eyelid surgery (rather obvious) but his nose is the same and his jaw doesn’t seem… Read more »


is this a joke


His jaws didn’t change at all,it just matured

Emma Peet

looks more like puberty to me

Pia sze

Look all the same to me. Lol no big different in the face. Maybe in hair !!!

Fukiya Dennis

I dont think that Leo had any surgery specially in nose ’cause he joined in a wrestling competition together with BTS’… Read more »


…… I honestly don’t see a difference. He lost weight gained muscle and got a hair cut. Maybe the eyelid surgery… Read more »


I agree that he got his eyes done but i wonder why since predebut his left eye is always bigger than… Read more »


Not everyone needs plastic surgery to have double eyelids,im born with double eyelids ps I’m a female not a male ✌✌


He just lost weight,he didn’t have a plastic surgery,that’s why you think he shaved his jaw


Leo wears double eyelid tape. He doesn’t always have those eyelids.

N Kpoppers XD

Erk… Leo does’nt do any plastic surgery..

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