Plastic Surgery Meter: Leo, VIXX

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VIXX’s devilishly handsome and quiet Leo has had a boat-load of plastic surgery. There’s no way to deny it. First, he’s had the KPOP Combo (nose job and double eyelid surgery), and I also believe he has had his jaw shaved. Just check out the before and after pics below, and if you need more convincing, take a look at this pre-debut YouTube video of Leo singing.

Before and after pics


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Are you sure?I see no different HAHA

Tan Zining


Sanny Liemarga

It’s obvious that he got nose job but eyelid n jaw? I’m not sure about it since the photos of the… Read more »

Kyla Reynard

He got plastic surgery, who cares?

Yhennifer Toribio Durand

esto es emcerio es solo el angulo de la camara

Steven Park

he clearly had plastic surgery. it is blatant. There is absolutely wrong with it imo (if you are in the entertainment… Read more »

Dina Akmalia

I don’t think Leo had plastic surgeries done because he plays futsal. What I know is people who had plastic surgeries… Read more »

Michelle Tewksbury

I feel like a lot of fans are letting their emotions get involved here… It’s a fact that most Korean idols… Read more »

Siti Fatimah Hisham

When I look at my my photos of me when I was smaller, my jaw is a lot sharper now and… Read more »

Elaine Nan

If he had double eyelid surgery, when are his eyes uneven then

Lee Jan Ah

Have you tried watching make-up transformation videos, dear? Because disregarding the effect of puberty, make-up also makes a big difference you… Read more »

Aira Tabulina

There’s no way in hell that leo was undergo on a plastic surgery!!!he have the same feature now and then !… Read more »

Sam Roxton

The only notable difference to me , are his eyes. And his chin seems to be longer on his pre debut… Read more »

Rista Adelia

I’m sure he has done eyelid surgery though. It’s not that noticeable but his eyes somehow got a lot wider. Idk… Read more »

Joy Tacadao

I think his hair makes his looks looked different but still his face is awesomely handsome even before his debut. <3

Mojca Jančar

He is totally the same … cute as always ^^

Memee Moua

Dafuq… I see no difference… Are you a plastic surgeon, if so, yes I believe you… but otherwise…. -_-

Caca Vamelya

now i can say that this is a puberty cause and perhaps he gain abit weight so he got a chubbier… Read more »

Felicia Ting

I can believe the jaw shave cus his jaw looks less sharp but his nose and eyes r exactly thr same..… Read more »

Lexi Konjengbam

He is the same as always. I see no difference and seriously what’s wrong with your eye whoever wrote this.

Loreal Frias

I honestly (not trying to be biased) think it’s age, if anything I think he only did his eyes

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