Plastic Surgery Meter: Lay, EXO

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Laaaaaaayyyyrifhldjbhdljbdb <3 unf. Sorry, I just love Lay of EXO-M. In my opinion, he looks pretty much the same now as he did when he was young. I think he probably had a nose job, but if so, he just had it narrowed a little bit and the bump on his bridge shaved off. The effect is really quite subtle. His dimple isn’t fake and has always been quite pronounced, even as a child and when not smiling. I hope Lay steers clear of plastic surgeons in future!

Before and after pics


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This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
Finally I have found something that helped me. Thank you!

song eun joo

why is your username composed of 2 korean last names and a japanese name? weeb


Stupid just because his your bias so you have the right to say that his natural beauty


I came here just to look at him, such a beauty~~~~

Jongin Kim

Still hot

Exo Lay Kpop


Nelly Nope

His nose look exactly the same, do you have a poor eyesight?

Sabina Cabbarova

Hohhot he s sweet and same

Clara Agostinho Pinha

who cares about his PS right? He super hot!

Damani Kaur

Sorry, don’t agree on this. Lay can’t have plastic surgery because he has a blood disoder. I don’t think Lay ever… Read more »

Czarina Mandi

its ok with me.. i will always be their fan no matter what issue will they have. 🙂

Anna Prentice

all they are just toooooo beautiful <3

Audrey Brigita

Don’t care about the nose, jaw or anything else, I just care that his dimples are natural. Lay, I LOVE your… Read more »

LuHan Biased

He got eyelid surgery. There’s a photo of him in a Tumblr forum of him closing his eyes, and the creasing… Read more »

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