Plastic Surgery Meter: Krystal, f(x)

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By reader request, we’re covering Krystal of f(x). At first glance, it would be easy to assume she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Her face still looks very natural and in proportion. Looking at her pre-debut photos, however, tells another story. The most obvious procedure she has had is double eyelid surgery. Krystal has always been quite wide-eyed, but there some pictures floating around that clearly show the incisions (see gallery). She also had a nose job at some point, and fixed her teeth (not plastic surgery).

Before and after pics


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Vince XD

She uses eyelid tape.

JV Jung

Double-eyelid surgery isn’t gonna change the fact tht she’s already pretty in the first place. Double-eyelid can change ur looks a… Read more »

Krystal Lee

The before picture shows Krystal smiling but the after picture did not show Krystal smiling. People’s eyes gets smaller when they… Read more »

Lian Ayoub

She didn`t do any plastic surgery !!!!

Kirsten Arnold

Krystal is 100% natural lol. Nice try though

Haziq Yahaya

korea artist lawa giler klu bedah, seblum bedah, pergh lg la “lawa”.. nk try la buat hidung ngan mata

Irene Collado Lumicao

she undergo nose job?

JJ Pan

Is this the same person who played the main actress in “My lovable girl” with Rain Bi? She looks so different… Read more »

Juliane Maize Ilagan

I think, that she definitely Doesn’t have a Nose Job. IF YOU LOOK CAREFULLY YOU CAN

Fiona Vita Fabular

I am not really obsessed of her beauty now and then…

Jana Yeh

Ever heard of puberty?

Jennifer Ann Herrera

You should also consider that the eyelid crease could also be natural, mine look like that when my eyes are half… Read more »

Ira P. Leslie

“Oh em gee. It’s PUBERTY guys.” Um, hello? Let’s say you have a wide forehead, 5 years later, you will still… Read more »

Jemimah Repuno Selena

i like krystal so much she not plastic surgery

Kang Sou Yel

ilove you krystal you are my best actress

Jes Luth

another one i don’t find THAT attractive but everyone else does sigh. idk why. i like pretty girls i don’t get… Read more »

LuLu Chen

she didn’t have PS. Its something called Makeup, well if u know that it exsits

Hanaa Aït El Caid

I can’t at people saying it’s puberty when her nose is obviously different
You don’t change noses because of puberty

Shiela Marie Landicho Byun

I think Krystal didn’t undergone plastice surgery~ It’s just the PUBERTY~~ And also make-ups that do~~ Hello?? Please look at the… Read more »

Ailee Pandulo Alip


Kenda Osman

Have u heard of the word “puberty”?!

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