Plastic Surgery Meter: Kai, EXO


For some reason I thought we’d covered all of EXO already, but it turns out we haven’t (although their numbers are ever decreasing at the moment). So today we look at EXO-K’s main dancer Kai.

First things first: His double eyelid surgery. Yes, he’s had it. He has very deep creases which, in itself, does not prove that he’s had the procedure, but when you can still see those obvious creases when he’s got his eyes closed then it’s a dead giveaway. As you may know, in double eyelid surgery they stitch along the upper eyelid resulting in a permanent crease line.

He’s also had a nose job. This seems to be a more recent thing because I’m pretty sure back in EXO’s debut days, Kai still had quite a flat, wide nose tip. Now the tip of his nose looks different, less rounded.

So it’s the KPOP Combo for Kai, which is not all that surprising coming from SM, really.

Before and after pics

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Liz (@LizKaistal1996)

lol he’s anything but ugly. even if he’s done something minor its not a big deal as long as you’re satisfied with yourself you can… Read more »


Even if you think that, you should not go out and say it. Keep it to yourself. I mean, he is not my favorite member… Read more »

alia sofia

Kai is a handsome

Changster Chang

“Ugly” is not a word for him. But if he really did get surgery, why though. I think he’s already perfect just the way he… Read more »

Taimin soo

He is hot very very hot i love him like real but people can changelook at deer and tell me that surgery then you will… Read more »


I see no difference between his recent and predebut pictures.


That’s people. When they see something perfect they wanna find a flaw


I still love him. Even though he’s skin color is not as white as his other members.

Chynna marie janaban

Yeah we know nobody’s perfect but in their case i don’t care if they have under on a plastic surgery or not still we support… Read more »

정유리 EXO-L (@yulijeong)

hmm, maybe just puberty..
he still looks same


Kai is actually very handsome if you look at it from a scientific point of view. His face is close to being symmetric. I really… Read more »

Suho's wife

He’s handsome and hot, before and after 🙂

Yami Shi Mori

I do see double eyelids in those ”before” photos though…? D:

Jihan Kusuma

all I see there’s no differet between before-after-pics.he just grows up

Pelin Yılmazer

I think his nose looks pretty much the same.

Doreaan Huhn

I wonder how they feel when they’re told they have to get surgery. At such a young age! But maybe it’s very common in South… Read more »

Tiffany Lo

I know he has double eyelidssurgery but the point is that I have natural double eyelids but I still have the crease after I close… Read more »

Mary Dim Pi


Raissa Simch

Still super hot <3

Mea Fretzie Tabuco

he is still kai..with sexy charming image.

Nandhini Chezhian

Whether he had surgery or not,I love him and exo….

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