Plastic Surgery Meter: Kai, EXO


For some reason I thought we’d covered all of EXO already, but it turns out we haven’t (although their numbers are ever decreasing at the moment). So today we look at EXO-K’s main dancer Kai.

First things first: His double eyelid surgery. Yes, he’s had it. He has very deep creases which, in itself, does not prove that he’s had the procedure, but when you can still see those obvious creases when he’s got his eyes closed then it’s a dead giveaway. As you may know, in double eyelid surgery they stitch along the upper eyelid resulting in a permanent crease line.

He’s also had a nose job. This seems to be a more recent thing because I’m pretty sure back in EXO’s debut days, Kai still had quite a flat, wide nose tip. Now the tip of his nose looks different, less rounded.

So it’s the KPOP Combo for Kai, which is not all that surprising coming from SM, really.

Before and after pics

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Umkalthoom Baqard

Whatever he does not matter what he’ll still be the same jongin I love

Mariel Lagrada Arnan

all of you are handsome and all of you are nice voice

Rae Alawi Amerol

Kai is Handsome since he was born. . .you can also see his childhood pictures in the video named “100 reasons why KAI is amazing”.… Read more »

Rae Alawi Amerol

I LOVE exo-KAI no matter he had a surgery or not. . . 🙂

Fatin Aqilah Afandi

handsome kai

Merly Oñez Artiaga


Alisa Mitchikov


Alisa Mitchikov

I was going through the comments and my mouth just dropped on the floor. HOW CAN A NORMAL PERSON SAY HE IS UGLY?! A serious… Read more »

Jason Gautier

He still The SAME! I mean i love KAI and if you think he had plastic surgery Go Away then! Man this is why i… Read more »

Syahzani Balqis Ishere

people change. stop saying that kai had done plastic surgery. damn you man. dont judge without knowing their life.

Erlinda Grace

When i was little, i dont have any eyelids. But when i turned 5 my eyelids started to appeal. Ppl change

Sabina Cabbarova

He is same

Anna Solos

Has he confirmed he had the surgeries? His eyes look the same and his nose does not look like it was tampered with. He was… Read more »

Dayad BM

Im indonesian and I never had plastic surgery. My photo when i was elementary school is very different from now. Thats because i through puberty… Read more »

Ias Dadas

not going to be biased but the stupid “deep creases when eyes are closed” is complete bs. I have double eye lids and when I… Read more »

Michaela Quedzuweit

the tread is older…but, i can´t find the difference between “before and after”
only his face is more slim .-.

Patitot Seblero

OH stop it people .. you didn’t give a damn about him when he’s still not popular … and now you’re saying it doesn’t matter… Read more »

Ellen Whipker

People are like “He’s ugly!” And I’m just here like “Keep thinking that dear, less people in my way” haha. Kai is just my favorite,… Read more »

Hhlynn Nai

Not because it is Kai, I do not accept he has a nose job. *Kai nose is not pretty even now the same as he… Read more »

AiMee Kheer

i Do not think he had surgeries. There is such a thing called Make up, Double eye lid and Nose-line. He is not ugly. To… Read more »


Ima say it now. He looks exactly like his mom. Like if Kai was a woman, he’d be his mom. That’s my proof

Mia Myklebust

I don’t think Kai had nose job. He has a tiny bump on his nose, and if he had had a nose job that bump… Read more »

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