Plastic Surgery Meter: Daehyun, B.A.P


Daehyun, another B.A.P member with a boat-load of plastic surgery. First of all, from the deep eyelid creases noticeable in some pics, it’s clear that Daehyun has had double eyelid surgery. Along with that, and this should come as no surprise to those who read this website and are aware of the eye+nose KPOP Combo, he also appears to have had a nose job. I don’t think he’s gone too far with it though, it still looks quite nice and not unnatural.

If you look at Daehyun’s chin, it looks like he may also have had some work done there. He went from someone with a very weak chin to someone with an actual chin, so maybe a chin implant? Check out the pics below.

Before and after pics

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