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Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO | KPOP Surgery 8

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Exo’s D.O., more commonly known by his real name Kyungsoo, is a great contender for natural beauty. He’s always looked “untouched” to me so I thought this would be a simple post to write. But digging up someone’s pre-debut pics always casts a new light on that person.

I’m quite certain Kyungsoo has had a nose job. If you look at his early pics, he had a large, rounded nose tip, which is now slightly smaller. This is not extensive plastic surgery by any stretch of the imagination, I’d probably call it a tweak. Hardly anyone gets away unscathed in SM though.

I’ve also read some rumors that Kyungsoo has had double eyelid surgery, but I don’t believe this is true. In pics of him closing his eyes, there’s no obvious scar line along the lid. He does have wide eyes but this isn’t a new thing. If anything, this would be the result of corner cutting surgery and not double eyelid surgery.

Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO | KPOP Surgery 8
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Lelio Vieira Carneiro Junior

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about LANGSPIEL. Regards

Ramiro Hoopii

Nice web-site you have got right here.|


Hi blogger, do you monetize your site ? There is easy way to earn decent money every month, just search on… Read more »


Actually, his not doing plastic surgery. His face just the SAME when he was TEENAGER and NOW. His nose bigger becuase… Read more »

Jayden Breeze

The only thing that I have to say is I noticed that in the before pictures he’s only smiling and in… Read more »

Amber Maxwell

You can tell he’s had a nose job, im just glad it didn’t affect his angelic voice , as nose jobs… Read more »


Are you guys actually trying to convince yourself an SMTOWN artist is plastic surgery free?


All Exo member didn’t go through sugary it’s just puberty strikes hard but if they did I am sure d.o didn’t… Read more »


Of all the members of EXO, D.O’s face is the most peaceful yet dangerous. He’s like an iceberg. I love his… Read more »

FuuMii Vii

He may have that problem where sometimes his eyelid changes. I have that problem myself and so does my brother. Sometimes,… Read more »


i thou

God Be The Glory (@leageedwards)

Sorry for what it looks like tho. Just saying my opinion

God Be The Glory (@leageedwards)

Sillyehamnida? Your page says NOT GENUINE. I mean, you’re no FAN of these artists you call UNDER PLASTIC SURGERY. For me,… Read more »


This needs to be updated in a live performance of red velvet singing be natural the camera zoomed in on D.O.… Read more »

Jade Irene Dahan

His face is the same.. it ‘s just the angle that made his nose big.. -_-


엑소 멤버 성형 안했거든요….
그러니까 이런거 하지 말아주세요.

Alyssa Marie Alilain

duhh he’s nose looks wide because he is laughing and why’d you use after photos of him not smiling? my nose… Read more »

Sunil Gulati

Love this site


He’s more slim than before because of the diet, I think that’s why his nose look smaller (sorry or my english… Read more »


I don’t think that he got a PS . Because his nose is natural. he just matured. I Love D.O oppa… Read more »


Do chen please

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