Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO | KPOP Surgery 8

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Exo’s D.O., more commonly known by his real name Kyungsoo, is a great contender for natural beauty. He’s always looked “untouched” to me so I thought this would be a simple post to write. But digging up someone’s pre-debut pics always casts a new light on that person.

I’m quite certain Kyungsoo has had a nose job. If you look at his early pics, he had a large, rounded nose tip, which is now slightly smaller. This is not extensive plastic surgery by any stretch of the imagination, I’d probably call it a tweak. Hardly anyone gets away unscathed in SM though.

I’ve also read some rumors that Kyungsoo has had double eyelid surgery, but I don’t believe this is true. In pics of him closing his eyes, there’s no obvious scar line along the lid. He does have wide eyes but this isn’t a new thing. If anything, this would be the result of corner cutting surgery and not double eyelid surgery.

Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: D.O., EXO | KPOP Surgery 8
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do teresa

Even he had PS I want him more than before


I honestly think it’s just makeup contoring with his nose. If you look at recent ‘Hyung’ pics, his nose looks similar… Read more »

Maxine Santillana

i dont think so that he have surgery , he just matured

Tử Linh

hello everybody.. i’m big fan D.O. oppa..

JHerick Dinglasan Cuevas

Im still exotic.period!!! 🙂 🙂

Arthy Devamohan

this is really stupid he just grew up and matured

Laica Rendeza

ohmy exo your so cute d.o god bless

OHmyexo Kyungsoo

i dont think that he got plastic surgery guys.take a look in the middle picture in before just the same smile… Read more »

Lena Lam

I don’t think he got plastic surgery. My nose looks small when I don’t smile but when I smile my nose… Read more »

Jessica Doyle

Still so very handsome and attractive! I don’t see anything, and even if he did, it don’t matter ❤ D.O and… Read more »

Anna Monique R. Cadigal

well i think some of the exo members went plastic surgery but KYUNGSOO??naahh

Nelly Nope

His nose is the same as well, your observations are trash honestly

Nandhini Chezhian

He is always cute…had surgery or not,he is naturally handsome and cute..I love d.o.and exo

Mariel Lagrada Arnan

why all of you are use plastic surgery

A Nu Fapa Duatlai

I think when he do surjery he look nicer but if he dont do surjery also he is always beautiful do… Read more »

Anissah Malomalo

yes .. They Look so NaturaL ? so Please

Franchezca Victorino

It’s called “puberty”.

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

he was younger in before pictures, probably just puberty and weight loss jfc

Majo Alfaro Linares

please really? are you saying that practically all exo members have surgery? kai?, baekhyun?, suho?, chanyeol?, sehun? kyungsoo? please, they look… Read more »

Sabina Cabbarova

I don’t think that he had a plastic surgery bc some of these pics from teenage and I think he lose… Read more »

Kirsten Arnold

Everyone’s nostrils flare when they smile. Do you have pictures of his predebut face of him not smiling to give a… Read more »

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