Plastic Surgery Meter: CL, 2NE1

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CL has spoken about plastic surgery in the past, namely to say that YG Entertainment wanted her to get some before her debut and she refused. Now, this may be a true story (and if so, kudos to her), but it does look like somewhere along the way, CL has had a nose job. Fans say “it’s just the make up!”, but it’s not though, is it. It’s a nose job.

We’ll assume she hasn’t done anything to her eyes because it’s simply impossible to tell under all that make up.

Before and after pics


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cleanmymac 3.9 serial

Respect to website author , some wonderful entropy.


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This is the only actual case on this website where the people in the comments actually are right about a celebrity… Read more »


No one can state that she had it until she removes all of that makeup. Her makeup always SLAY so idk.… Read more »


There are exercises to correct the eye muscles in order to correct strabismus, so it is possible to correct it without… Read more »

Karla Diaz

All the comments it’s wrong see the video fire and I got care it always exists in every video the countouring,… Read more »

Karla Diaz

CL do his eyes too because if you see the eyes in the old photo it looks different than now ,… Read more »


케이팝 가수들중에서 과거생활때 진짜 못생긴 애들만 하는데 거의다 안했거든요.
그리고 코 제가 봤는데 메이크업 맞아요.

Paula Choi

Thank you! You edited CL’s page; I figured she did get a nose job as well. Not to take away from… Read more »

Stella Miller

its the same exact nose

Yul Byun

blackjacks in this comment section make me cringe so hard lmao

Sarah Grace Nacua Caliza

You will be shock what difference an eyeliner can do but i agree a bit on the nose tho

Luna Fio

don’t you know a thing called eyelid tape?

Nicole Ke Li

prbly forehead(possibly also chin) fat implant as well, these two are like standard/fundamental ones to do…

Amys Danese

shes beautiful before and after

Scarlet Johnson

plastic monster

Gina Arauz

Like someone else mentioned, why get defensive about something YOU CAME TO READ? You know what the website is about, why… Read more »

Jacina Gomes

Nope .. I Don’t Find It.. Shez All The Same .. !!

Amy Leigh

why do people get so defensive about their idols getting surgery? there’s nothing wrong with them doing something if they want… Read more »

Anastasia Martinova

for After pictures you should at least use pictures where she is SMILING becuase when people smile their nose becomes WIDER..… Read more »

Jiemhel Potch

CL didn’t do surgery -_-

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