Plastic Surgery Meter: Chanyeol, EXO

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At first glance, EXO’s Chanyeol looks quite natural, especially compared to some of the other plastic surgery enthusiasts on his team. But, as per usual, the pre-debut photos will put an end to that fantasy. In Chanyeol’s case, I think his his surgery is just limited to the KPOP Combo. They did a good job on his nose, it looks smaller but it still suits his face. The double eyelids are pretty obvious in close-up photos.

Before and after pics

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Mohd Ihsan


Ah Yeon Jung

I usually find your posts quite entertaining and informative, but labeling Baekhyun a “plastic surgery enthusiast” just because the company required… Read more »

Tiffany Lo

Why are you labeling Baekhyun as plastic surgery enthusiasts? Prejudice much?

Menuka Gurung

Why most of koreans do plastic surgery?
Just be happy and satisfied in how we are.

Laica Rendeza


Thirsa Yammouni

If ChanYeol had Plastic Surgery, I personally think he would do his ears, I think he changed because of puberty..

Ashema Cabaro Pontacilla

Im still fans of exotic.

Adhe Retnantya Pamungkas

i know he did but its generally not extreme

Huyen Nguyen

and again. i only see the nose job but nothing else

ByunLu Minsëók

Maybe you might see me over all the plastic surgerys but i dont think he had anything done either ._. he… Read more »

Charllote Grace Secoya Sarzuelo

Ah , There’s no big deal about this. Well, yeah they were cute before haven’t undergo PS and even look more… Read more »

Ariana Aoki

If you look close to the before photos you can see that he had the double eyelids :3 but now his… Read more »

Phoebe Telfer

I don’t understand what is wrong with this sight. I like seeing that they went through surgery, it’s not a bad… Read more »

Shane Park

when you’re fat, it’s visible on your nose too. people enhance their looks as they age so stop judging.

Sabina Cabbarova

He doesn’t have any surgery operation

Urna Uuganbayar

he didnt have a plastic surgery its ovious!!! look at the pics!! people change after puberty duhhh

Ariane Ysabelle

I don’t think he had surgery. I can’t see any signs. No offense but, as I look to the before and… Read more »

Jeuel Elaine Arquitt

To be honest I can’t see much of a difference.

Michaela Quedzuweit

here i can see the different with and without eyelids. but NOT the nose ^^; look the first 3 pics…he haven´t… Read more »

Joarly Ejara

Luhan have a plastic surgery?

Jane Christine

There’s no difference-_-

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