Plastic Surgery Meter: Chanyeol, EXO


At first glance, EXO’s Chanyeol looks quite natural, especially compared to some of the other plastic surgery enthusiasts on his team. But, as per usual, the pre-debut photos will put an end to that fantasy. In Chanyeol’s case, I think his his surgery is just limited to the KPOP Combo. They did a good job on his nose, it looks smaller but it still suits his face. The double eyelids are pretty obvious in close-up photos.

Before and after pics

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Jeuel Elaine Arquitt

To be honest I can’t see much of a difference.

Michaela Quedzuweit

here i can see the different with and without eyelids. but NOT the nose ^^; look the first 3 pics…he havenĀ“t a eyelid. in the… Read more »

Joarly Ejara

Luhan have a plastic surgery?

Jane Christine

There’s no difference-_-

Lookup Poppy

LOOK YOU FOOLS THAT DENY YOUR FAVORITE CELEBERTIES OF HAVE MG PLASTIC SURGERY -.- I love EXO!!! Their music is wonderful ^-^ But, almost every… Read more »

Nabila Afsari Siregar

Oooh come on how can u say that by plastic surgery he has done nothing on his face his just naturally handsome, have u ever… Read more »

Catherine Zhang

See, here’s the thing. I’m an Asian girl from China and originally had no double eyelids until I turned about 10 or 11 and NO… Read more »

Ahsirt Bucane

People change. .

Channa Mae Lumaad

cute…chanyeol why are you’re so cute!?

Vilma Mathias

He looks good before nd after. .appropriate to age, make up nd style

Ilmah Abdi

what i dont get is hollywood celebrities can look like a completely different from their highschool days and we call it puberty. and IT IS.… Read more »

Leyasheena Panicker

ok but why y’all acting like plasting surgery is a bad thing?? people??? want to ??? look better???? fuckin let em jfc as long as… Read more »

Hwajae Ui Cheonsa

There are the same person in each picture is not the only matter the matter is u people just took there young pictures and put… Read more »

Gratiyana Ningrat Kusumasubrata

His eyes look bigger because of lasik surgery. Everyone who have done that will have bigger eyes because of better eyesight.

Anna Fernanda Abat

I dont believe that they got plastic surgery its a natural beauty i cant compare before and after

Trisha Tomias

He never done a surgery it’s what you call puberty !!!!

Kimberlee Fraser

to be honest I don’t believe for a second that Chanyeol or any of the other members had gotten plastic surgery, you know the thing… Read more »

Yamida Kyou Usui

you have nothing to do with your life so you keep saying this idol had a plastic surgery and such. yes. most kpop idols had… Read more »

Ghirly Ann Quilantang

The shovel of EXO ugly when they are not Plastic Surgery…..

Makiya Jackson

Chanyeol’s eyes were never small. His eyes was always the same size. Last time I checked, when you get double eyelid surgery, it makes your… Read more »

Raven Blevins

I dont understand why they thought Chanyeol needed double eye lid surgery. His eyes were perfect.

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