Plastic Surgery Meter: Chanyeol, EXO

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At first glance, EXO’s Chanyeol looks quite natural, especially compared to some of the other plastic surgery enthusiasts on his team. But, as per usual, the pre-debut photos will put an end to that fantasy. In Chanyeol’s case, I think his his surgery is just limited to the KPOP Combo. They did a good job on his nose, it looks smaller but it still suits his face. The double eyelids are pretty obvious in close-up photos.

Before and after pics

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Nabila Afsari Siregar

Oooh come on how can u say that by plastic surgery he has done nothing on his face his just naturally… Read more »

Catherine Zhang

See, here’s the thing. I’m an Asian girl from China and originally had no double eyelids until I turned about 10… Read more »

Ahsirt Bucane

People change. .

Channa Mae Lumaad

cute…chanyeol why are you’re so cute!?

Gratiyana Ningrat Kusumasubrata

His eyes look bigger because of lasik surgery. Everyone who have done that will have bigger eyes because of better eyesight.

Anna Fernanda Abat

I dont believe that they got plastic surgery its a natural beauty i cant compare before and after

Trisha Tomias

He never done a surgery it’s what you call puberty !!!!

Kimberlee Fraser

to be honest I don’t believe for a second that Chanyeol or any of the other members had gotten plastic surgery,… Read more »

Yamida Kyou Usui

you have nothing to do with your life so you keep saying this idol had a plastic surgery and such. yes.… Read more »

Ghirly Ann Quilantang

The shovel of EXO ugly when they are not Plastic Surgery…..

Makiya Jackson

Chanyeol’s eyes were never small. His eyes was always the same size. Last time I checked, when you get double eyelid… Read more »

Raven Blevins

I dont understand why they thought Chanyeol needed double eye lid surgery. His eyes were perfect.

Kristine Dong Jun Deguia

it look really the same.<3

Monica Liit Leanza

ok lang yan kac puro baba lang ang pinababa

Momoko Kiritani

Perfection before & after!

Marimar L Tonog

In my opinion, he’s just the same before and after!

Carmz Clores

Channie has lasik eye surgery that’s why his eyes appear bigger.

Andrea Isabel

Actually ChanYeol fall on his trainee days and broke part of his nose. So that’s why he had a nose surgery.… Read more »

Yehetexolover Exoticforever

Lol to be honest I dont really know how to identify between plastic surgery faces and non plastic surgery faces except… Read more »

Peony Kim

This is as far as surgery should go, in my opinion. Please don’t get anymore Chany!!! I love that he never… Read more »

CeCe Schickling

He had natural kpop look potential, only needing nose and eyes. I liked their work, they didn’t overdo the nose like… Read more »

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