Plastic Surgery Meter: Baekhyun, EXO

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[Updated: June 20, 2014] Some new pictures of pre-debut Baekhyun came to light with his recent drinking scandal (or non-scandal if you ask me). Check out the photos over at allkpop and then try to deny his v-line surgery. I think it’s safe to say he had his jaw shaved, as suspected.

Baekhyun's double eyelids
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I also recently stumbled upon the photo to the left, and it’s clear to see that our Baekhyun has had double eyelid surgery as well. Xiumin is actually the only member of EXO without double eyelids. This doesn’t mean that all other members used surgery to achieve theirs, it’s just food for thought! Do you think any of the EXO members are without plastic surgery? It’s looking more and more like a plastic surgery all-kill, a la SNSD

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[January 14, 2014] Finally we’re onto our first member of EXO-K, Baekhyun. When I think of plastic surgery victims in EXO, he’s always the first person that comes to mind. Baekhyun has had quite an obvious nose job and his chin is different from his younger years too. He doesn’t seem to have done anything to his eyes (yet??).

Before and after pics


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Micah Joy MJ

For me, yeas, almost koreans do so. But Baekhyun’s puppy eyes are still there, which I love. <3

Clara Agostinho Pinha

he is not the same person, I refuse to believe

Anja Tinsfeldt

To me, the work on his jawline is the most obvious and probably the nosejob too. There’s no way Baekhyun was… Read more »

Shin Ah

its puberty maybe? 🙂

Nabila Afsari Siregar

The only person that i belived had done plastic surgery is this guy

Yessa Kyle

even though they undergo plastic surgery it will not change the fact that I am a EXO-L…. And one more thing… Read more »

Audrey Brigita

I’m fine with the surgery, but still POWER OF MAKEUP

Katherine Villanueva

I really want to know who is the surgeon… And then I want to get a nose surgery!!!!!

Sarah Yan

When my eyes are half-closed like Baekhyun’s in the “click to enlarge” photo, my double eyelids are still prominent and I’m… Read more »

Eileen Gong

I looked at pictures of him, and sometimes he has monolids, and sometimes he has double eyelids. I think he uses… Read more »

Pinky Saranghae Editting

I think Baekhyun don’t make plastic surgery……

Heesun Byeon

I honestly don’t think baekhyun had his eyes done? In a lot of pictures he looks with monolids and in some… Read more »

Joanna Hsieh

Please do Tao 🙂

Nuramirdiyana Syed Amir

I’m not trying to defend exo but they might get plastic surgery but some mybe they lose weight or diet.. coz… Read more »

Agnes Lusikooy

So what if he had done some plastic surgery ?? why people is so defensive. there’s nothing wrong with it. and… Read more »

Auniy Khyun

I don’t care ^^ EXO’s 4ever !!

Michelle Raymond

the difference is so big..

Marianne Dg Urquico

I Dont Care ^^ ~ EXO Forever <3

Mei Mei

If you guys say baekhyun did a plastic sugery then why didn’t he fix his eyes bigger ? So he don’t… Read more »

Angela Wijaya

What a shame, he’s pretty cute before surgery. I don’t understand why people always want more and more, and never realise… Read more »

Marina Pérez Cassiraga

Why do y’all get defensive as if plastic surgery were a bad thing

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