Saturday, November 16, 2019
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Plastic Surgery Meter: Tiffany, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Plastic Surgery Meter: Tiffany, Girls' Generation (SNSD) | KPOP Surgery 7
We keep getting requests for more SNSD members, so today we look at Tiffany. What's immediately clear from comparing recent photos to her pre-debut pics is the change in her skin tone. Clearly she uses some type of skin-whitening cream, but as this is...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Suzy, miss A

Plastic Surgery Meter: Suzy, miss A | KPOP Surgery 8
Continuing with reader requests, today we have Suzy of miss A. Suzy is a naturally beautiful girl who has helped herself a little bit along the way with plastic surgery. Although she always had a pretty nose, she looks to have had rhinoplasty sometime...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Xiumin, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Xiumin, EXO | KPOP Surgery 8
Readers have been requesting Xiumin for months now, and honestly, I have been avoiding him because I wanted to believe he was natural, although I always suspected this was probably not the case. So, let's get to it!Xiumin has said in the past that he...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Minah, Girl’s Day

Plastic Surgery Meter: Minah, Girl's Day | KPOP Surgery 8
Although Minah of Girl's Day may have denied double eyelid surgery back in 2011, I'm quite sure she's had something done. Her eyes look larger now than they have in the past. Rather than double eyelid surgery, perhaps she's had other procedures to widen...

Plastic Surgery Meter: Seungjin, A-JAX

Plastic Surgery Meter: Seungjin, A-JAX | KPOP Surgery 6
It's not easy to find pre-debut pictures of A-JAX's Seungjin, but to be very honest, you don't even need them to confirm without a doubt that he's had a nose job. His nose shape simply does not occur in nature. The slope is seriously...

Plastic Surgery Meter: B-Bomb, Block B

Plastic Surgery Meter: B-Bomb, Block B | KPOP Surgery 7
B-Bomb of Block B looks like two completely different people pre and post debut. Firstly, he's definitely had a nose job - his nose went from flat with flared nostrils and a weak bridge to almost exactly the opposite. I also think it's quite...